A number of the best beach vacations from around the globe

A number of the best beach vacations from around the globe

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The world is filled with exceptional holiday destinations and the beach selections continue to remain the most favored. Read more to uncover some of the best beach destinations in the world.

Mexico is often regarded as one of the top beach vacation spots to head to for different reasons. Sure, not every part of it is positioned on the coastline, but it's extraordinary weather, warm and friendly citizens, delicious food, lively culture and a lot of other amazing drawcards are present in its famous beach locations. Some of the most exotic beaches in the world can be found in this extraordinary country, and that’s why you certainly need to consider heading out there if you’re planning to enjoy a holiday on the beach sometime soon. There are lots of incredible small communities that provide tourists amazing facilities and accommodation options that are positioned right on the beachfront, Oliver Ripley is affiliated with 1 such hotel, so you will not battle to discover some place fantastic to stay. Delight in all the local area has to offer and completely immerse yourself in the culture and you're guaranteed to have a marvelous vacation.

It might be one of the best beach vacations in the world, but Mauritius remains relatively under the radar which is potentially part of its charm. Mauritius has over 300 kilometres of pristine coastline, so you’re nearly certain to discover a secluded spot all to yourself. Best of all the sand there is silvery white, ridiculously soft, and lapped by enchanting turquoise waters full of colourful fish. Here you can discover some great beach vacation packages, making its appeal all that much stronger. The resorts and hotels here are world-class, the one Bill Marriott is associated with is just one example, so you can be sure of good provider and amenities. If you are a big fan of stunning coastline, gorgeous beaches and exhilarating water sports, then this island is the ideal spot for you to consider for your next vacation to the beach. You’ll likewise face some of the friendliest locals in the world and get to feast on absolutely mouth-watering fruit.

If you’re seeking to go to one of the ultimate beach holiday destinations in Europe, then you cannot look much further than the magnificent Italian island of Sardinia. This destination is known for superb stretches of white sand and remains a firm favourite with beach fans and celebrities alike. Enjoy your days tanning on the beach and swimming in the clearest water imaginable before delighting in great tasting food and discovering ancient ruins. If celebrity spotting is your thing, you might want to head to the north of the island. There is also a pink beach that will look spectacular on your social media feed. Pick a wonderful hotel to stay at, there are an awful lot to pick from such as the one Luis Riu is connected with, and examine all this phenomenal beach destination has to offer. You might never want to get out of the incredible sea though – but there are certianly worse things to worry about!

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